5 Type Of Business Man And Ways To Work With Each

In a classic way, the type of hand is categorized into five types. Well, if we talk about type and personality, of course, we are talking about psychology. It is important to learn about personality types because it helps you understand your personality better. If you are working with them, your partnership will be more effective than before.

1. Type of Business Man – Spiritual

Working with spiritual people means that they seem in another world. Their minds like floating in the heavenly, or in spiritual realms. If we talk about a business man, it is like Jim Carrey and Paul Allen. Both of them are good examples of spiritual people. According to research, they tend to have a slim body, emaciated, and disheveled. It can be challenging for them to be in the world or relate to people.

If we talk about business, and if you know a person like that, this type of business man is great to work with. But, it is good not to be invasive or aggressive. Being aggressive will only scare them. Therefore, you must speak to them softly. If you want to build any conversation with them, it is good to be non-aggressive. For example, you can talk about intellectual or conceptual topics. Usually, a business man with a spiritual type is great as bookkeepers, computer programmers, and other occupations that make them work with minimal customer contact.

2. Love

This type of business man tends to have heartfelt, has many connections with people and meaningful. They have deflated or a little bit collapsed chest. Also, they have a bit recessed jaw. For example, you can look at Nicholas Cage and Woody Alley. When they have connections with others, they like trying to get nourishment. On the other hand, not all people can accept that. Some of us may feel uncomfortable or clingy. It is why some people will push this type of person away.

Since we are talking about a business field, it is essential to be kind. It is also important to understand the environment. But, it is good to prevent something like using your support and attention to get their emotional void. People with love type speak excessively. The challenge to work with this type of person is that you may not able to get them off the phone easily. Or, sometimes you cannot keep them on track with their business tasks.

Well, the love type of business people is great to be customer service. They are also great at helping people at the office to deal with complaints, conflicts, and personal issues. They are perfect for handling things related to the emotional level.

3. Type of Business Man – Sensitive

According to research, sensitive business man tends to have a big and overweight body. They pinched off in the pelvis and at the neck. If you know John Candy or Oliver Hardy, they are good examples of sensitive types. They have big and loving hearts. They do not mind to become a volunteer just to help you with your work while they are dealing with theirs.

It is okay for them if you ask a lot of things to them, but be careful that you should not take advantage of their kindness. What we mean here is not to ask too much. If you push them too hard or make them offended, it is difficult for them to communicate that. They will hold their feelings and once they cannot handle it anymore, they will lose their temper.

Since they are, they may feel like you are humiliating them. If you involve them in your office, it is good to let them handle daily tasks and they are really nice.

4. Commitment

This type of person will not trust situations or people easily. For men in this type, they tend to have small and lower bodies with the muscular bodies for its upper. The good examples of people with commitment types are Hulk Hogan and Sylvester Stallone. For females, they tend to have a pear-shaped body. Alternatively, females with this type will have an upper chest with a strong look.

It is good not to have any conflict with this type of people even though you find that they are wrong. It is better to solve the problem and work with them because they have a good willing to keep one step ahead.

Even better, the commitment type is able to make great sales. They will have good work if you put them as managers, sales marketers, and others. They are great to manage the troops as well. They do not want to be wrong, betrayed, and blindsided, so they can be the real asset for your business.

5. Perfectionist

They are perfect just like Nancy Pelosi and John Tesh as examples. Since they appear so perfect, many people cannot go with them. a  have delicate hearts that they cannot show but can scatter just like a mirror when they are rejected or criticized. They are perfect at organizing their work, checking the details, control the product quality, do research, and create an office system.

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