5 Best Business Strategies To Ensure Your Consumer Loyalty in 2020

New Year is all around us, and the store provides its hot offer such as discounted price or other marketing strategies, so what can you do for your business? Of course, it is important to have customer-retention strategies that will keep your loyal customers back to you.

Also, if we talk about business, it means that we talk about a strategy related to customer experience. It means that you must encourage customers so they stick with you. Here are the best strategies to apply in 2020.

1. User Experience Is Your Prior

Customers want to buy products from you, but they want to get everything quickly. For these reasons, customers will only go to companies that can meet their expectations. If you want to keep your customers come back, it means that you should give them the best user experience. For example, you can give them more services to meet personal tastes, improved services, and others.

2. A Personal Thank You

You want to make your customers come back so you need to do something to persuade them. At this point, you should give something to them such as personal thank you or an incentive like giving the customers discounts for promotional products. This is a nice strategy that at the same time will help you get their feedback about your new products. You can use their feedback to improve your service, as well.

Other than that, you can create a brief survey. Give your customers access by printing it on the sales receipt. If they leave feedback, you will give them an incentive such as a promotion or discount. Customers will share their thoughts and you can use analytics tools. So, you have a real result of any business area that you should improve the service.

After addressing the problem areas and you already improved your service, you can announce to the customers personally via text or email. It would be nice if you share their new experience with all changes through all possible channels such as social media, website, and others. The goal is to get more attention from other potential customers so they have a new experience to shop with you. Remember that a personal thank you add the sweetest thing to your customer experience.

3. Add Membership Feature

Whether you have new or loyal customers, they all enjoy having access to exclusive products, promotions, and events. If you give this access, of course, they will feel like they are a VIP and they will love the convenience you create. In return, you will get them to come back.

What you can do is to add a membership or a subscription to your business model. To start, you can consider first about what you can offer. For example, you can offer a box of products for different occasions.  Or, you can offer them a membership model, in which your customer needs to pay a small fee so they can enjoy shopping with some discounts to certain products plus free shipping.

4. Flash Sales For Business

It is possible to keep your customers, especially those who love additional value. Flash sales promotions are important for business strategy because it will stimulate impulse buys. Even better, flash sales create excitement and surprise for customers. This strategy can be the best way for you to manage your inventory. You can give some discounts to the products with extra stocks that stuck in your store.

To start, you can use try text-message marketing or social media channels. These two ways are powerful to share news of the available flash sales. It is good to focus on sales that reflect popular products. After that, you can move to the standard purchases. To know the standard purchases, you can use the database tracks from CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

5. Provide More Delivery Options For Business

Whether you have an in-store or online store, it is good to increase various delivery options. This is what you need to increase a better customer experience. If you have a loyalty program, you can create special options for the delivery such as free one-day, or try free two-day shipping service.  What you need is to improve the satisfaction of your customers. You want them to shop more and of course, it is important to think of their comfort. So, that is all the business strategies you should know in 2020 to ensure their loyalty. Your goal is about how to create good customer relationships. If you can do it, of course, you will get a lifetime value. Keep the current customers come back to you and make sure that you are able to add new customers to get the same shopping experience. Those are five strategies for your program to help you. So, you can meet and exceed the expectations of your buyers for a longer period of time .

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