5 Best Advice For a Businessmen To Change Your Life

To be a successful entrepreneur, you cannot do it in one night. Well, there are many challenges, obstacles, and problems to deal with. The difference why they can shine bright among many people is that they can learn from their mistakes. So, it is good to listen to them since you can take it as the 5 best advice for a businessman.

1. Best Advice for Business – Choose Your Friends Wisely

Tim Ferriss, the New York Times best-selling author recently launched the newest TV Show, called The Tim Ferriss Experiment. Also, he is the CreativeLive Instructor. He explained about the best advice he has received is that it is good to choose your friends wisely.

In fact, your friends have a significant impact on your life, including your business. Your friends are your network. So, it is great if you can make some friends with good people while building your network.

2. Just Get In

One of the 5 best advice for businessmen comes from Sheryl Sandberg. At that time, She met Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO. Schmidt met her just to offer her a great offer. But, she was thinking about not taking this offer. Then, Schmidt said to her about fast growth. Well, fast growth is what we need when picking a job.

Schmidt also added powerful words and said that Google offered her a seat like on a rocket, just get on and never ask what seat.

Now, Sheryl is working as Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer. She has a big concern about empowering all women. The goal is to help women become leaders in any business. Also, she has been writing some books and do speaking engagements in Leanln, her organization.

3. Advice for Businessman – Invest In You

He got this advice from Grant Cardone. Cardone told him to invest more of the money he makes back in his life. Therefore, he always remembers the word ‘invest in you!’ As we know that Lewis is a talented football player. Also, he is a lifestyle entrepreneur. What we can learn from him is that he can turn his passion into online business. Even better, he has a powerful brand from his personality.

4. Listen To Your Customer

One of the best advice for a businessman is that you should listen to your customers. Well, it does not a big deal if they have any complaints. It means that they still want to do all the business with you. But, what if they stop complaining? It means that you should worry.

This advice is what touched Guy Kawasaki’s heart. He got this advice from Marty Gruber. As we know that Marty Gruber is the president of a jewelry company. So, who is Guy Kawasaki? He is one of the best startup founders. Also, he is a popular author and investor. Currently, he is working at Canva as the chief evangelist. Canva is an online graphic design application that will make you easily create graphics even though you have no professional skills at all.

5. Learning Opportunities Are A Must

Perhaps, when you want to do something, you always choose what you know. Sometimes, when you find something new and you have no clues at all to do the business, you say that you cannot do that. Or, perhaps you think that the job will not fit you.

So, what you should do? What things to ask to yourself?

The best question is what you can do to make it work for you.

By asking that question to yourself, it means that you will focus on how to find opportunities everywhere. It also means that you are ready for learning new experiences. This is what you need and it is called a learning mindset. She learned this advice from Marie Forleo. Try this and surely it should change your life.

So, who is Vanessa Van Edwards? She is a brilliant scientist. She is a professional behavioral scientist, and she loves teaching people how to accomplish their dreams. Also, she knows really well about how to communicate with others effectively. She even has an online class, called Master Your People Skills.


So, those are all 5 best advice for a businessman. Now, you have everything. Most of the pieces of advice are very brilliant and meaningful. What you should do is to keep learning and building your business. It is important to become bold and sticks with regular experiments. What if you fail? It does not matter. It is okay to fail small, or even often. It will help you get a new valuable thing called new experience. From this point, you already learned something. It also means that your failure is something. It makes you know better how to find the right thing for your business. So, we think that this advice can be the best way to start changing your life. Which one do you like most?

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